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Community Partners


Riverstone Senior Life Services (Executive Director: Ilana Dunner, LCSW)

Riverstone (http://www.riverstonenyc.org) is a community partner in our caregiver research programs, including The New York City Hispanic Dementia Research Program (NHiRP), and the Northern Manhattan Hispanic dementia caregiver intervention effectiveness study (NHiCE). Riverstone has one of the few dedicated dementia daycare programs in the city, and provides social services for persons with dementia and their caregivers. Riverstone serves the diverse community of Northern Manhattan, which is primarily Hispanic and African American, and with modest socio-economic resources. NOCEMHD has participated with Riverstone in multiple grant applications for programs to support persons with dementia and their caregivers in the community of Northern Manhattan.

ARC Fort Washington (Executive Director: Fern Hertzberg, MSW)

ARC (http://arcseniors.org/sc.html) supports 2 senior centers in Northern Manhattan, one in Washington Heights, and another in Central Harlem. ARC provides services to Hispanic and African American seniors such as transportation, meals, and social services. ARC has collaborated with NOCEMHD in outreach and education activities as well as in grant applications for demonstration projects in the community. Dr. Luchsinger, NOCEMHD’s director, serves as vice-president of the board of ARC.

Alzheimer’s Association, New York City Chapter

The New York City Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association (AANYC) (http://www.alz.org/nyc/) supports numerous support and education programs for persons with dementia, their caregivers, health providers, and researchers. NOCEMHD has partnered with the AANYC for outreach and education programs as well as research. The AANYC is currently a community partner in NHiCE, providing assistance with outreach and caregiver support though its community outreach programs.

Alianza Dominicana

Alianza (http://www.alianzaonline.org/main/) was an important community partner for the Northern Manhattan Diabetes Community Outreach Project (NOCHOP) (1) and the Northern Manhattan Dementia Caregiver Intervention Project (NOCIP) (2). ¬†Alianza housed the community health worker programs that participated in both projects until 2013. Alianza’s mission is strengthening communities by forging strategic partnerships, developing and implementing program to provide support and protection for those in need, and create opportunities for social and economic development.


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2. Luchsinger J, Mittelman M, Mejia M, Silver S, Lucero RJ, Ramirez M, Kong J, Teresi JA. The Northern Manhattan Caregiver Intervention Project: a randomised trial testing the effectiveness of a dementia caregiver intervention in Hispanics in New York City. BMJ open. 2012;2(5). 3467593.

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