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Northern Manhattan COE in CER to Eliminate Disparities



The PI of Northern Manhattan Center of Excellence in Comparative Effectiveness Research to Eliminate Disparities (NOCERED) is the NOCEMHD director, José A. Luchsinger, MD. NOCERED was funded in response to NOT-MD-10-002 as as supplement to the NOCEMHD.

NOCERED makes use of existing resources in the NOCEMHD, Columbia University (CU), and the community of Northern Manhattan. NOCERED is a scientific advisory board, a community advisory board, and an executive committee. NOCERED addresses 4 areas: research, human and scientific capital for comparative effectiveness research (CER), data infrastructure for CER, and dissemination and translation of CER.

  • Research: The Northern Manhattan Caregiver Intervention Project (NOCIP) NCT01306695 conducted a randomized trial in 139 Hispanic caregivers of persons with dementia comparing the New York University Caregiver Intervention to a case management intervention lead by community health workers (CHW). This trial lasted 6 months. The main outcomes in the trial were changes in the Geriatric Depression Scale and the Zarit Caregiver Burden Scale. This research project will make use of methods and resources currrently available in CHUM.
  • Human and Scientific Capital: We a) mentor junior investigators in CER and health disparities research; b) form a workforce of research staff for CER; c) sponsor a scholar a year with an interest in health disparities for CER education at CU using existing resources.
  • Data Infraestructure for CER: We used existing data warehouse at CU a) to identify persons with dementia and their caregivers to conduct our research project; b) to track secondary outcomes in our research project; c) for prioritiy areas in CER in health disparities in our community.
  • Dissemination and Translation of CER: To educate and disseminate the results of CER to health practitioners and lay persons in Northern Manhattan using existing and developing networks.


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