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10/14/11: First Conference of the 2011-2012 academic year was a Success!

NOCEMHD held it's first conference of the season on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 and Dr. Dana March gave a wonderful presentation. Below is an abstract of her talk.

Putting Health Disparities in Place: Risk, Resilience, and Research Directions

Dana March, PhD, MPH - October 11, 2011

According to a variety of indicators, health across the life span is poorer in the United States than in comparable high-income countries, such as the United Kingdom.  Within the United States—the population of which is rapidly diversifying—there are marked racial/ethnic and socioeconomic disparities in physical and mental health status and care.  These disparities can be linked to specific features of place (e.g. country, state, city, neighborhood), which are shaped by multiple social, economic, and political processes at a given historical moment.  Using the example of Black-White differences in severe mental illness (i.e. schizophrenia) in the United States, this talk addresses the need to consider the dynamic and complex nature of place, accounting for sources of both risk and protection, when trying to understand racial/ethnic disparities in health over the life span and across historical time.  Evidence from a series of studies in the East Bay Area of California, using data from a cohort born 1959-1967, this talk presents evidence that neighborhoods at birth in this context confer both risk for and protection from schizophrenia later in adulthood.  This evidence underscores the need for rich contextualization of epidemiologic work by demonstrating how the lens of history can enrich greatly scientific questions, hypotheses, and the interpretation of findings, which may be particularly useful for disparities-related research.


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10/3/11: New Funding!

NOCEMHD was awarded 3 new grants in September including 2 supplements and a U24 award.

Northern Manhattan Initiative for Minority Involvement in Clinical Trials (NIMICT) (PI: Boden-Albala, Luchsinger; U24MD006961), funded in response to RFA-MD-11-005. NIMICT will establish a toolbox to improve recruitment of minorities in clinical trials.  NIMICT is a partnership of the Community Engagement Core Resource of the Irving Institute for Clinical Translational Research (UL1RR024156), the Department of Neurology, NOCEMHD, and NOCERED.

Environmental health disparities in NOCEMHD (PI: Link, Luchsinger, March; 3P60MD000206-09S1), funded in response to RFA-MD-11-008.  The goal of this project is to establish the Contextual Health Disparities-Core (COHD) in NOCEMHD. The COHD is a collaboration with the Center for Study of Social Inequalities and Health in the Mailman School of Public Health.

Bioethics in NOCEMHD (PI: Appelbaum, Lewis-Hernandez, Luchsinger; 3P60MD000206-09S2). The goal if this project is to conduct a 1 year bioethics program to address unresolved bioethics issues in minority health research.  


10/3/11: New Space!

NOCEMHD moved to a renovated wing in the 9th floor of the Presbyterian Hospital Building on 09/26/11. This new space has state of the art energy saving technology following the Green Initiative of Columbia University.


10/3/11: NOCHOP Completed Recruitment!

As of last Friday, September 30, 2011, full recruitment (360 participants randomized) in NOCHOP was completed . This was not an easy task, by any measure, and Casandra Almonte should be congratulated for a job well done!


10/3/11: COACH Completed Recruitment!


As of June, 2011, full recruitment in COACH was completed .

NOCHOP, COACH and address
link to NOCHOP link to COACH